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If Our Kids Judged Us By Facebook

Like most days, I find myself aimlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed, catching up on my friends’ lives, wishing them a  happy birthday, or commenting on pictures of their kids. On its best day, Facebook offers connection to those who live far and near when busy lives prevent more regular in-person interaction. On its worst […]


So Much for My ‘Chill’ Mom Vibe

While other moms are preparing for back-to-school by mapping out how to buy school supplies without breaking the bank and deciding what gear they can’t live without, I’m over here losing my collective you-know-what. Not because I’m stressed with last-minute errands but because in less than two months, my teenage daughter will officially be driving. In […]


Finding the Perfect Co-Vacation Family

Summer is in full swing, and with time off of school comes prime family vacation time. Whether you have an epic trip overseas or a laidback weekend at the beach planned, family vacations are a great way to get away from the everyday stress and reconnect. I’ve mentioned before that our family loves to travel. […]


If I Could Turn Back Time

I had my first child almost 16 years ago. I was 26 and full of excitement, terror, and toggling between “When will the baby get here?” and “Let’s keep her in a little bit longer.” The only thing I really knew about being a mother, I’d learned from babysitting and watching Family Ties. At best, I was […]


Raising Teenagers: A Day in the Life

If I had a dollar for every time a parent of young kids asked me what it’s like to parent teenagers, I’d be rich. The questions range from mildly curious to positively terrified. “Are they always moody?” “Do they stop wanting to spend time with you?” “Are they selfish human beings leaving nothing but a […]


Traveling With Kids: Give Up on Perfection

We are a family who loves to travel. Local or international, weekend getaways or week-long adventures. We’re in for it all. The memories are priceless, and the chance to escape the distractions of day-to-day life can help reset and recharge our family. As much as I love traveling with my kids, there have been a […]