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Just Say Yes… to a YES Day!

How often do we as parents find ourselves saying no? Sometimes it comes so naturally to me that I say it before my child has even finished asking the question. This past spring, I found myself saying no more often than I would have liked. It was my busy time of year at the office […]


YOU Can Make A Difference Too!

When was the last time you did something for someone other than yourself? I’m not talking about for your husband, your children, or your dog, because let’s face it ladies, we are always doing things for them!   I’m talking about a way to be more involved in our community and to help others. When […]

Skin Spa by Casey

Skin Spa by Casey

I was fortunate enough to review this amazing facial I had at Skin Spa by Casey. It had been a long and difficult week for me, but from the moment I stepped into her sanctuary in Jacksonville Beach, everything just drifted away and I became very calm and peaceful. Casey was extremely professional, while also […]

T Ball

What is the Right Age for the All-Star Team?

Growing up, my husband and I dabbled in different activities. We played soccer, basketball, baseball, and kickball; did ballet, took art classes, did gymnastics, played tennis, and were on swim teams in the summers. We didn’t choose one sport to focus on year round. We tried a little bit of everything and had fun doing […]

Store Bought Valentines

Nothing Wrong With Store-Bought

I am not the mom you love to hate. I am the mom who is thankful she remembers to pack lunches every day. And sometimes, snacks are forgotten! I am the mom who is normally disheveled picking the kids up from school, hoping the baby doesn’t have spit up all over him. I am the […]

Christmas Presents Wrapped

To Wrap or Not to Wrap?

Around Christmas time last year, I came across a Facebook post from my friend regarding Santa and Christmas presents. The post was about whether or not gifts from Santa were wrapped or unwrapped. It had never occurred to me that this would even be a topic of conversation, but what a topic it was. It […]

Saving for College

A Mom’s Guide to College Saving Plans

College. I’d like to think this is eons away for my little ones, but it will be here faster than I think. While I like to believe that my children are super smart geniuses, who will be getting full rides to whichever school they choose (Harvard has already been calling us…;)), the reality is we […]