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True Life: I Love My Friend, But I Hate Her Kids

Dear Mom Friend, I think you’re amazing. Smart, beautiful… funnier than Conan even. I love hanging out on the front porch with you and sharing a bottle of wine. I don’t mind making a dozen Rachel Ray casseroles to help you out, and I enjoy going out with our mom friends with you, and you make hitting the gym […]


Why Do I Get Crap For Having ‘Only’ One Child?

I get this question a lot — I’m sure many of you do, too. Mainly by strangers, but sometimes by acquaintances who don’t know me well enough. “Do you have other children?” I normally respond with, “No, he’s my only one.” Which is usually followed by the inquisitor to frown or give me some other sympathetic […]


It’s True, I Have a Broken Vagina

For as long as I can remember, intercourse has been painful. I barely recall it being enjoyable in my 20s, but for the most part, it has hurt me more than it has pleasured me. Let me explain. I have been plagued with intolerable menstrual cramps, abdominal pain and heavy periods since my teens. Irritable […]