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Busy Bags

6 Must-Haves for Your Toddler’s Busy Bag

Sometimes I think my toddler is the busiest human being on the planet. She literally cannot sit still. My husband says she is just like me — a busy body! So, when you have a busy body child, you need something to entertain them at restaurants, doctor’s appointments, while shopping, etc. where sitting still is […]


Do-It-Yourself Holiday Cards Display

Like many of you, Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year! Along with the decorations, music and delicious holiday treats, one of my favorite parts of the season is receiving holiday cards in the mail. Perhaps you just stack them up on your desk or they get lost in the shuffle with your […]


“Boo” Your Neighbor: A Random Act of Kindness

When we were stationed in Hawaii, we lived in what I will always remember as “the best neighborhood ever.” We lived in military housing and it was a very close-knit community with lots of sweet families. When family would come to visit, they would say it reminded them of a modern-day Mayberry. We moved into […]


The Best Workout in Town: Orangetheory Fitness

Thank you to Orangetheory Fitness for participating in our Guide to Fitness and sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. My journey with Orangetheory Fitness began earlier this year. I consider myself an active person, but with a full-time job and being a mom, I noticed that my workouts (and the time involved with […]

Baby #2

The Right Time for Baby #2

Today I was that person. Yes, that person who stealthily walked into the store to purchase a pregnancy test. I was so uncomfortable and felt like all eyes were on me. I even had the cashier tell me, “I hope you get the result you are looking for?!” Well, part of me wanted the test […]

Airline Travel with Toddlers

Airline Travel with a Toddler

Growing up, my family traveled ALL THE TIME! At just 3 weeks old, my parents schlepped me to Italy and I saw (or cried through) my first opera. Instead of Christmas presents, my family went on trips and explored the world. Looking back, it was the greatest and best gift they could have ever given […]

Take Mom a Meal

Taking a New Mom a Meal

As a new mom, our worlds are turned completely upside down when we bring that little bundle of joy home from the hospital. We quickly realize our time is consumed by feedings, diaper changes, and cuddling! Our daughter, Charlotte, was welcomed into the world, on the other side of the world, in Hawaii! We had […]