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Daughters, Please Know This…

In light of much that has happened in the last few years for women and girls, the good and the bad, I want my daughters to know a few important things. We have so many strong, amazing women in the public eye to look at as heroines. Celebrities, politicians, survivors, athletes, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, […]


Oddly Therapeutic

As a mother, heck, as a woman… as a human being, I look for things that will bring me some calm and peace during a hard day or week. I’m not talking massages or taking a walk. Albeit those things do bring me joy and calm, sometimes a girl needs something random. The kind of […]


Rewarding Myself This Holiday with SE Grocers Rewards

Thank you to Southeastern Grocers for sponsoring this post and for rewarding all of us busy moms this holiday season.‘Tis the season to go overboard and stress yourself out by going out of your way to deck the halls and try to make the holidays more magical than any of those Hallmark movies. Why are […]


Hey Ladies, It’s Time for YOUR Checkup

Thank you to Dr. Cara Prier, MD with St. Vincent’s Healthcare Ascension for her time and sponsoring this post. I am (mostly) on time with every one of my kids doctor’s appointments, their vaccinations schedules (relax, this isn’t one of those posts), and anything in between. Managing to make sure they are as healthy as possible […]


Taste of Italy: Celebrating Italian Month with Winn-Dixie

Thank you to Winn-Dixie for sponsoring this post and providing us with such great recipes to try!There is something about fall that gets me ready for all things food, and there is something about Winn-Dixie celebrating Italian month that helps put me in the mood even more. As an Italian-American myself, I often cook recipes […]


Are Mom Tribes the New Cliques?

For a long period of time, I felt like I was missing out on a key piece of Millennial Motherhood. (Side note: I am at the elder end of the millennial thing and still can’t fully grasp that I am one.) There’s a lot of “motherly” hashtags that have popped up to make you feel […]


Divorced (But Not Damaged)

When a divorce happens, it can feel like you’ve hit your rock bottom — as if you are this lost soul just roaming about, getting the bare minimum in life done each day. You are in survival mode for yourself but mainly for your kids. The vision I had put forth in my mind of […]