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Twinning: Mommy & Me Swimsuits

Aside from a wedding a couple of years ago where my dress came from Target, and I happened to find the exact same mini version at Baby Gap (fate!), I don’t dress like my daughter. I dress like I’m 35, and I dress her like she’s 4. But then summer rolls around, and I’m all, […]


Workin’ on My Winter Body

If summer bodies are made in the winter, then winter bodies are clearly made in the summer… right? Okay, maybe that’s not how it’s supposed to go, but good grief — I’m in a rut, and it happens to me every single September. It’s that time of year in Florida when yes, I’m still in a […]


Here’s to the Night Owl Mamas

I’m a mom of two little kids, a pediatric RN, and a self-proclaimed night owl. I used to try and change the fact that I stay up excessively late every single night. I did that because literally no one tells you it’s okay to do otherwise. Well, I am here to let you ladies off […]