Sage Femme Birth Services

804 Margaret Street, Jacksonville, FL, United States

Jacksonville’s premier pregnancy, birth and postpartum provider.

Sage Femme Birth Services offers a wide range of local and online holistic services and products:

  • HypnoBirthing Education
  • Birth Doula Care
  • Placenta Encapsulation
  • Prenatal Health Coaching
  • Virtual/Online Options

My passion is working with mamas who want to:

  • Feel completely confident, prepared and knowledgeable about the labor and birth process
  • Prepare their mind/body/soul for birthing and mothering
  • Approach pregnancy, birth and parenting from a holistic and evidence based perspective
  • Receive compassionate, nurturing, heart centered support from an experienced childbirth professional
  • Approach birth as a joyful and fun experience that is to be CELEBRATED!
  • Tap in to and learn to trust their womb wisdom (maternal instincts and intuition)
  • Prepare and plan for their BEST birth; whether it’s a VBAC, Gentle Cesarean, or Home/Water Birth
  • Learn about their full range of birth options so they can make truly informed decisions
  • Develop a Birth Plan and / or Postpartum Plan
  • Be honored, uplifted and respected during this amazing life transition
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