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14985 Old St. Augustine Road Suite 120 Jacksonville, FL 32258

The mission of Creative Minds Academy is to create an engaging, loving, challenging, and fun environment all while teaching about God and His love. We strive for a community in which parents and teachers are active in the development of each student and take part in their care.

Creative Minds Academy is a higher learning child development center with a wide array of programs in a dynamic educational setting, offering the best in Christian academic excellence. We offer a challenging learning environment through appropriate educational practices, encouraging self-esteem, individuality, good moral character, and confidence fostered by positive relationships with staff and students. Creative Minds Academy is a Christian Academy teaching traditional Christian values and morals.

We offer an enriched learning environment for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in which we have developed appropriate curriculum for ages six weeks to pre-kindergarten.

Creative Minds Academy’s Aftercare Program offer academic and recreational programs for children after school. In addition, we also offer special programs for early-release and no-school days as well as programs for the winter, spring, and summer break.

Only want your money!!!
  • Latrice Williams reviewed 7 days ago
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One of the most expensive and money hungry centers in Jacksonville Fl…. they have no accommodation for parents who pay over $10,000 a year ( for a 4 year old ) and do NOT truly care for your kids only your money, the director is a fast talking scammer…. with Bikini pictures on Facebook… who thinks that it’s ok for her teacher to sit a four year old at the table alone for 3 hours…. they will sell you a dream when signing up… a library the kids never get A chance to go into, a nurse that’s never in so your child will May or may not get medication …. if you ever have a problem that you would like to discuss with anyone other than the rude director you will be told that “corporate “ doesn’t talk with parents you can only contact them via email …. if you are looking for a center that cares about anything more than your money this is the WRONG place!!!! If you don’t believe me ask for a cooperate phone number and see that answer you get.

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Infant room

My experience has been a great one here. I love the teachers in the infant room. They are very loving and caring and have taken wonderful care of my son.

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Stay away

This is absolutely the worse experience we’ve had with a daycare. The staff turnover is extremely high which prevents quality care. You are better off paying a high school teenager to watch your children since the so called “teachers” (more like babysitters) have no professional experience. Your children are simply watched with no attention to their behavioral patterns and developmental stages. If they were to have sudden behavioral issues, instead of that behavior being analyzed to identify a possible root cause or having a discussion with the parents, the children are told they are bad or the parents’ concerns are simply dismissed. It’s not a good environment for a developing child. You are treated as another source of income with no honest concern for the children’s developmental growth.

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