Carma Blue Jewelry

Jacksonville, FL 32224, United States

Welcome to Carma Blue! We are a small local business located in the heart of Jacksonville Florida. Lead designer and head creator of joy, Erin Roman, began making jewelry 12 years ago after the birth of her first daughter. Sparked by the desire to “figure out how they made that”, she quietly began creating jewelry for herself. Soon, her friends and family took notice and the custom orders came pouring in. Today that small corner of her imagination has become what is now Carma Blue. Inspired by her daughters Carson and Maddox and her ever supportive husband Chris, Carma Blue was born and set forth into the world. We pride ourselves on unique, handmade items that hold value and purpose to our fellow travelers.
Carma Blue was created with simple intention of creating wearable works of art infused with love, light and a bit of good carma.

Carma Blue is inspired by my yoga practice, my journey and my family.

Simple designs rich in symbolism, each piece is intended to flow gracefully from the mat, to the beach and everywhere in between.

Durable and stylish, every design has an intention.

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