Busy Moms and Tots of Jacksonville

Jacksonville, FL, United States

We are involved moms of active babies, toddlers, and preschoolers in the Jacksonville area with members’ children ranging in age from newborn to around 4 years of age.

We hold meetups several times a week and ask members to attend at least one meetup each month. Meetups usually occur Monday through Friday during working hours. They often include events like storytimes, park playdates, Jacksonville Zoo, MOSH museum, in-home playdates, lunches, and other age appropriate activities. We also strive to have unique, interesting and fun events that take advantage of our group’s diversity and talents, and the wonderful events our city has to offer.

In order to join our group, you are required to attend a public New Member Mixer playdate before becoming approved members. After this initial event, you’re given an additional 30-day trial period to come to more events and see if the group is a good fit for your family. After the trial period, pay membership dues of $10.00 that cover 1 year of membership if you decide to continue with the group.

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