Bay & Bee

Great sense of Community

Recently relocated to Jax, Bay & Bee has been a place to connect with other parents. The environment is inviting for children to move about and play freely with manipulative toys and with each other.
What a great space to be together!

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Indoor Retreat

We love having a membership at Bay & Bee and having a peaceful indoor retreat to take the kids. Whether it’s too hot or too cold to be outside, or we just need to get out of the house, we love coming here to meet friends, attend story time or a music class, and wear out the kids for nap time! My daughter loved having her birthday party here. It was completely stress-free and there was no need to provide any activity because the kids created their own fun in the space. The staff is amazing and we love all the retail offerings too!

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Phone Order

I found Bay&Bee’s post on Tula that they were running a Labor Day sale on Tulas. I called and place my order on Tuesday with Emily, and my tula arrived on Friday of that same week to CA. I had a great experience, and would order from them again!

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We love Bay&Bee! Calm atmosphere, engaging toys, and smiles from my kids. Almost like therapy for this mom. :)

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Our favorite place in Jacksonville!

I honestly don’t know what we would do on these hot summer days without Bay&Bee!

We go at least four times a week! My son loves to play and I love the adult company ;). We so enjoy going to music and sway and play and meeting new friends every time we go!

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A nice place for dads

It’s nice to give my wife some alone time and leave the house with the kids. Bay & Bee has been great since I can watch both of them without being pulled apart in too many directions.

The weekends are great. We’ve met a lot of other dads. Pull up a chair to the train table and then bring them home for a nap in a few hours. Now if I could just figure out how to get them out of Bay & Bee without tantrums. Happy Kids, Happy Wife.

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Such a great play space!

I was so excited to see we were getting a new play space near us and it definitely has been a great experience. As a mom to a 10 month old, the biggest priorities I had were a clean and safe place. I love that it always feels so clean, in fact you often see them cleaning thought the day and with products free of harsh chemicals! And the toys there are safe and environmentally friendly! I love that I don’t have to worry about him putting some tiny piece in his mouth because there aren’t items like that there.
It’s also been such a great experience to meet other moms. Everyone is very friendly there and the open space encourages conversations. And my little guy loves it too! Not only having new and exciting toys to play with but getting to interact with other kids. We also love all the great activities and classes that come with the membership… time, story time, yoga and more. And the retail space up front with local vendors is great too!
Monica, Zuzia and Emily are so welcoming and kind, it’s like hanging out with friends!

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Bay and Bee has been such a blessing to this mama!

Bay and Bee has been such a blessing to this mama! I had to work long hours my daughter, Zoe’s, first year, and was so excited to be offered a more part time job her second year, that allowed me so much more time for her.

My dream had come true! Now, what to do? I knew very few moms and many scheduled story times didn’t work with our schedule. Then we found Bay & Bee! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place – flexible hours, great place to meet new moms, nursing friendly atmosphere, fun classes and activities offered all the time, environmentally friendly toys and so very clean!

Monica and Zuzia, the owners, are so wonderful and attentive. Bonus – my daughter used to hate the car seat – now every morning she asks to go “see friends”! We are so excited to be a part of this community, and so very grateful that two mamas had the foresight to provide such an amazing service to our family.

The memories we are making are priceless!

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Thumbs Up!

I think I may have seen tears in Monica’s eyes when I told her Bay&Bee has saved my life and I wasn’t kidding. Seriously, I no longer shop Priceline for one-way tickets to Hawaii and I have actually enjoyed my children. Bay&Bee is solely responsible for my improved marriage, my 2-year-old taking gloriously long afternoon naps, my infant doing something other than staring at our living room wall and a clearer complexion, all related to the high levels of stress that Bay&Bee has released me from. My favorite thing about B&B, besides the serene ambiance, is the freedom to do as you please. You can join a class or rock the joint solo. You can play with your child or watch their imaginations came alive from afar. Personally, I perch myself upon one of their fine furnishings and try to avoid eye contact with my toddler as to not give him any ideas and hope that he forgets I’m here. That’s very French. I also love all the back-to-basics wood, organic, recycled blah blah blah toys that I want for my children but can neither afford nor want cluttering up my already cramped living quarters. This incredibly clean and organized expansive play space is a Godsend, especially since I’m afraid to put my baby on my own floors at home and we all know the importance of tummy time. I don’t believe I’ve ever felt so at home in a public space. Monica and Zuzia are doing their best to create a warm, inviting play space and have succeeded admirably. I love supporting a local business and respect that they reach out to support other ones as well. Trust me parents, a Bay&Bee membership is definitely worth giving up a couple Starbucks lattes a month and switching to generic peanut butter. Your spouse, kids and skin will thank you.

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