All Around the Clock Academy

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1129 North Arlington Road, Jacksonville, FL 32211, United States

Welcome to All Around The Clock Academy. Our mission is
to serve you and your child, here where there is a safe, loving and caring environment. We strive to create professionals as well as to prepare them for what’s ahead and to over exceed high expectations. We are certified instructors, CPR and first aid qualified. Listed below you will find our staff names and their credential status.

  1. Deborah Williams, Owner
  2. Rayandral Givens, Director/VPK Instructor
  3. Tara Anthony, Director
  4. Keira Maschan, Office Manager, Substitute
  5. Pachelle Brown, Infant Instructor
  6. Anita Singleton, Cook/Substitute

In our business it is all about the children. Anything that we do to make things easier- please do not hesitate to let us know.

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