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All About Kids & Families is dedicated to providing quality health care. Dr. Joyner and Dr. Lee, along with their staff, will work with you to provide information and education about each stage of your child’s growth and development, required immunizations and other health care concerns that your family may have. They recognize that many of today’s families have very busy schedules, and offer extended hours until 8:00p.m., as well as weekend appointments for your convenience.


I had 2 appointments scheduled for my daughter at this facility. She was scheduled originally for her 4 month exam in February. My daughter is in daycare, and I received notice this week of a confirmed flu/RSV case. She started showing symptoms, so I called and scheduled an appointment for a Saturday (their 1st available). I just received a phone call telling me this appointment would need to be rescheduled because it is not their “policy” to see new patients on the weekend. My daughter is ill, and potentially urgently so. They would not make an exception. I am very disheartened that they would deny a sick child, with a scheduled appointment.

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This office is a train on tracks that are falling apart, take another route

I’m here to tell you that going to this place you are lucky to see the same doctor, wait not even a doctor but ARNP when you bring your kid here. They will mix up the sick and well room appointment waiting areas. The nice room you see in there picture is just a show room, your kid will never be on that room other than to walk by it.
The office staff has lied to me several times and can’t seem to call you to follow up on appointments, make false claims the doctor said to just come in when in fact the doctor didn’t note it or advise that.
This office is a train on tracks that are falling apart, take another route

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I'd give one star but at least they have weekend hours (for an extra fee)

We started going here after our last pediatrician kept misdiagnosing our little one and we tired of racking up the specialist bills. Initially, the staff seemed to listen to us but we’ve never seen the same staff twice, not even Dr. Joyner (whom we’ve never seen). Honestly, we’ve stayed with them over the past three years simply out of convenience. Our little one’s records were already there and it’s a pain in the butt to start over again with another pediatrician. However, today was the last straw and we will never return to that office again. I called up to request a copy of my little one’s recent physical report, which we did not get at the time but need for her VPK. Both the receptionist and the office manager insinuated I was lying and that I received it. Even after explaining that we had to go back a month after the well visit to get vaccinations that they had run out of when we first went. At that time we got nothing on the way out, had started the car and remembered we needed reports for VPK so I ran back in at which time they gave me an immunization record only. For 15 minutes I tried explaining to the office manager how her choice of words and intonation definitely insinuated she thought I was lying but she continued to deny it. She was absolutely tone deaf to the concept of perception and clarity of message. Apparently she did not take any bedside manner classes. She even tried to explain customer service to me so I had to interrupt her and let her know that I have two businesses and have been working in customer service for nearly 30 years. I offered a simple piece of advice, to not make a point of placing blame with your customers and just accept responsibility and apologize for the oversight. She couldn’t even do that. She got defensive and insisted there was no error on their part (and still couldn’t see how stating that implies that the error must then be on my part). On top of all this, my wife recently went there for the first time for her well visit. They can’t even do the blood work there so they sent to an outside lab which they insisted was in network. It was not, and we only discovered that after waiting all morning (despite having an appointment) to see the nurse. Again, no apologies and took several days before they sent paperwork to the new, in-network, lab and they never called back on the day they promised to advise that the lab was ready for us. It’s been over a month since my wife’s visit and she still doesn’t have results from her blood work. She too is not returning.

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Doctor James Joyner
  • Anna Bryant reviewed 2 years ago
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Between the long waits, impossible to get same day or even sometimes within 2-3 day appt, dr Joyner used to take his time to explain what my child was going through, now he doesn’t even do that. now you wait and see a student, then wait again to see a P.A. , have zero understanding of difficulties a special needs child faces, and the list goes on….. and as i am being a new patient for dr. Mitchell for adults she is one of the most horrible doctor I’ve ever seen she likes to tell you that her life is just like ours being a mom with lots of responsibility on top of that doesn’t help when you’re trying to get your doctor to understand you when she’s very judgemental but yet doctor would diagnose a child for ADHD knowing that the mother has been feeling the same way it’s amazing what doctors would do just so they can get paid but if the child’s parents come and ask for help they send you to a whole bunch of different doctors before they even give you the help. she diagnosed me with anxiety but she wants a second opinion but they don’t do that for a child. I wish they were doctors out there that actually care about their patients well-being especially when they are going through some things and all you’re asking for is help or at least understanding what is going on. Everytime I go to All About Kids I see new faces new interns and I hate to say it some of them don’t give a damn about their job they are there to get paid it’s the way they look at you the body language it disgusts me for every time I have to bring my child in there and I see that the nurse or the doctors don’t really give a s*** anymore…. whatever happened to all the good doctors that was very caring I don’t get me wrong dr. James has been outstanding doctor for my daughter since she was a baby same thing with my son but sometimes it is very hard to get a hold of dr. James it would be nice to hear it from the actual doctor what is actually going on with our child or children and having to hear it from an intern instead of having to hear it from the actual doctor that diagnose the child…. oh yeah I forgot to mention the staff there they all suck miscommunication with everything… that’s extremely disappointing!!!! I would have given dr. James a five-star but I’m fortunately I have been disappointed with all about kids for the last four and a half years but yet I keep going to them because my kids like dr. James I think I’m just very disappointed in all of this stuff and some of the interns…

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Look else where!

Between the long waits, impossible to get same day or even sometimes within 2-3 day appt, dr Joyner spent almost NO time with any of my kids, now you wait and see a student, then wait again to see a P.A. , have zero understanding of difficulties a special needs child faces, and the list goes on.

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I love All About Kids

This office was recommended to me by a random mother I met at a pool 2 years back and I’m so happy she did! My daughter and I love it there.
My daughter is 3 and has been sick a lot of her life, so we frequent their office. They are always happy, easy to make same day appointments, you can talk to a nurse any time, day or night, they have WEEKEND HOURS! And are open 365 days a year!
The quality of care is amazing. Never have I loved a doctor’s office so much!

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