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6007 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Leading a Bakery business successfully is in itself a mammoth task. This business is entirely dependent on the satisfaction of the people who consume your bakery products. Be it the cakes or the other items, you just cannot afford to go wrong with the food prepared for your customer. ABakeShop entered this field knowing all of this. Yet, the sheer pleasure of delivering on the tastes of customers encouraged us to go ahead with the idea of setting up a small yet impressive bakery in the vicinity of Phoenix, Arizona. Like any other bakery Phoenix AZ, there are the traditional bakery items in the menu list of our shop. The area where we as a brand are working extremely dedicatedly is on keep updating our products with the changing times. People nowadays like to consume less fat, less sugar yet a healthy diet. We try to incorporate all of this in our cakes and bakery items.

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