Summer Bucket List

It’s no surprise that my kid’s favorite time of the year is summer time, but as a work from home mom, it can be quite stressful for me! I have to keep up my normal workload while listening to my kids ask, “what are we doing today?”

Last summer, I admit it, I ended up feeling guilty that I did not spend enough quality time with my kids because I used work as an excuse. Sure, we did our normal family vacation (which I managed to sneak work into) but we really didn’t use the two months we had been given together to our best potential. So this year we started preparing for summer about two weeks before school got out.The three of us sat down and wrote down things that we wanted to do together over the summer…our summer bucket list.

Bucket List- Try a new restaurant!

Try a new restaurant!

At first the kids were coming up with big ideas, like going to different theme parks. This is where we have gotten stuck in past summers. Trying to do really big (and expensive) things with the kids every day never seems to last for the whole summer. I get behind in work and I run out of money!

So I asked the kids would they rather to a few really big things over the summer or have me do one fun thing with them every day. They both agreed that they would rather me do one fun thing with them every day, which as a mom kind of melts my heart and reminds me that they really just want to spend time with me, not me spending money to have them entertained.

Our new bucket list is a list with over 70 small things that we can do over the summer, one for each day of summer. Some are completely free, some are not, and some require a little bit of planning. My commitment to them was that I would do one fun thing from our list with them each day of summer vacation.

The majority of the ideas on our list would not take more than 30 minutes out of my day so it wouldn’t affect my work schedule. The ones that take a little bit longer we make sure to pick on a day that I have a light workload. The bigger suggestions we planned to do while on our family vacations.

Bucket List- Visit a new library!

Visit a new library!

There are plenty of already made bucket lists out there on Pinterest, but my advice to you is to have your kids come up with their own bucket lists. It helps you see what their interests are and how they want to spend their time with you. For example, I had suggested some activities that I had seen on the Internet that I thought would make me mom-of-the-year…but when I mentioned it to them, they really didn’t seem very interested. This list is about them and every family is different so use those pre-made bucket lists as a starting point but spend the time and make your own list so they feel involved.

Bucket List- Try a new flavor of ice cream!

Try a new flavor of ice cream!

I decided to take a photograph of the kids doing their activity everyday so at the end of the summer I can upload each picture and make a summer scrapbook for each of them. I plan on writing a little note to each of them inside the album and give it to them when they head back to school. Here is to hoping that when the teachers ask their new students what fun things they did over summer break, both of my kid’s hands will be raised high to answer.

Some other examples of items on our bucket list:

Water balloon fight!

Bucket List- Water ballon fight!

Ordering room service…

Bucket List- Ordering room service
Go snorkeling…

Bucket List- Snorkeling

Go for a bike ride…

Bucket List- Bike ride
Write and mail letters…

Bucket List- Write letters
Catch fireflies…

Bucket List- Fireflies
See a baseball game…

Bucket List- Baseball game
Play a board game…

Bucket List- Play a board game
Build  a sandcastle…

Bucket List- Build a sandcastle

Do you have a summer bucket list? How are you keeping the kids entertained this summer?

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2 Responses to Summer Bucket List

  1. Ellen Purdy Jul 10, 2013 at 8:52 am #

    Just Beautiful, you are right its hard in the summer when parents work either FT or PT as we want to spend more time in the summer doing FUN things w/kids. We have done a few of your ideas I think this will be next summers list!!! TY Ellen

  2. Liz Jul 10, 2013 at 11:57 am #

    Great post. I love the water balloon picture.

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