Weekend Roundup | January 18 – 20

Now that the madness of the holidays has officially passed, why not take the time to go out on the town as just a couple sans little ones for a much-needed Parents Night Out courtesy of TNT Gymnastics? They play while you do you. It’s a win-win! Take a family day trip down the coast and enjoy […]


The Most Valuable Gift

For my oldest daughter’s first birthday, I went all out. Handmade decorations, homemade pizza for 30 people, perfectly Pinterest’ed rainbow cupcakes… it was perfect, beautiful, and everything I imagined my first child’s first birthday should be. With every person who came to offer heartfelt congratulations and well wishes came something else — a beautifully wrapped […]


Giving Blood and Saving Lives

I was in college the first time I tried to donate blood. There was a blood drive on my campus, and I showed up tired, not having eaten much that day and generally run down — a pretty standard condition for my college days. All I remember was feeling super dizzy, starting to sweat and […]

Jacksonville Mom Team 2018

The BEST of JMB: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

It was another great year for Jacksonville Moms Blog! We continue to be amazed and humbled at how much our site has grown over the years, but most of all, we are so very thankful to you, our readers, for your consistent support. Jacksonville Moms Blog has always been, and will always be, for YOU. As we [...]