My Kids are Ruining the Holidays

Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but haven’t we all been there at some point? You’ve searched Pinterest for the ultimate Christmas bucket list with activities that the entire season depends on. You’ve Googled the best gingerbread recipe and cute ways to decorate goodies for your kid’s classroom. Maybe you’ve even thought about making a […]


Weekend Roundup | December 7-9

Holy holiday lights and events, Batman! Let’s get this light show party started with the 7th Annual ZOOLights opening weekend where you can admire all the sparkling lights and brilliant hues, followed by the 16th Annual Lighted Boat Parade at Whitey’s Fish Camp where you can sit back and relax while watching one of the best local scenic events this […]


Holiday-Themed Lunch Box Ideas

The holidays are all about traditions, and our family has lots of them! My absolute favorite is the “holiday lunch box surprises.” Throughout December, I add little holiday-themed treats to my son’s lunch box. I love hearing what his classmates say when he finds them. I work full time and also have a toddler, so […]


Truth: Parenting Sucks Sometimes (But That’s OK)

We had to wait a long time to have our babies. Our oldest is 10 and our youngest are not quite 2-and-a-half. Through all the failed IUI and IVF cycles, lost babies, a ruptured ectopic, and grief over pursuing the dream for the family we had planned, there was nothing I wanted more than to […]