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Letting Go of My Kindergarten Worries

Letting Go of My Kindergarten Worries

I have dreaded this day ever since my youngest was born. My husband and I made the decision years ago that for us, two children were the limit, so the thought of my daughter going off to kindergarten has always caused a drop of sadness in the pit of my stomach. Sadness, new milestones, and […]

pageant mom

365 Days in the Life of a Pageant Mom

Please don’t think that this is all about tiaras, sashes, spray tans, big dresses, bigger hair, 5” heels, bling jewelry and a mom who’s living out her beauty-queen dreams through her daughter. My daughter has never competed in a pageant and is more interested in catching lizards, playing in the dirt (lovely) and riding her […]


Surrendering to NO

Sometime post-hurricane, pre-holidays of last year, I realized that I was exhausted. Sure, us moms often function with this day-to-day sleepiness that we all seem to just accept — keep on truckin’, right? (It’s the “season of life” my co-worker friend would say.) But this exhaustion was different. It was a brain fog coupled by […]


Hey, Supermom! You. Yes, YOU!

“Wow, you’re Supermom!” You know you’ve heard that phrase — muttered under someone’s breath, as a direct and outright compliment, in a begrudging admiration — at some point or another throughout your motherhood journey. Because we know all about Supermom. Supermom changes two poop diapers, gets three kids dressed, makes 10 baby bottles and an […]


From One Working Mom to Another on Staying Sane

I’m a big believer in the idea that life is meant to be experienced, not merely survived. But… if I’m completely honest, right now, I’m in full survival mode. As a happily married woman in her mid-30s, who is the mother to an energetic 18-month old son, I am also 20 weeks pregnant, a full-time […]