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Your Number Two is My Number One

The following information on ABL is brought to you by Florida Urogynecology. Hi, I’m Lindsay. I’m a Nurse Practitioner in a Urogynecology practice — urogynecologists basically take care of your pelvis, meaning your urinary tract (“uro”) and your lady parts (“gyn”). If you have trouble holding your pee, leak when you jump or run, or if […]

Wolfson Children's Hospital

Why Growing Bones Need Extra Special Care

This post is brought to you by Wolfson Children’s Hospital.When kids’ bones break, here’s what’s at stake Contrary to what some people think, children aren’t just little adults – especially when it comes to their developing bones. When an adult breaks an arm or leg, the bone simply snaps. In children, bones are more flexible […]


Master Spring Cleaning with the ‘New School Laundry’ Routine

Thank you to Gain at Walmart for helping me with these “new school” laundry tips. All opinions are my own.Ahhh, laundry. It never stops and most of us are stuck in a laundry rut. A seemingly endless spin-cycle of pre-treaters, liquid detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets… it never ends. And when it does end, sometimes […]