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March Madness: WeeTRADE is Back!

My favorite consignment sale is BACK for their Spring sale, March 1-4! Whether you are a veteran like yours truly or if this is your very first consignment sale, these tips below are sure to make your WeeTRADE experience a fun (and profitable) one! Research Items of Interest Are you in the market for a high […]


Meet mumda: Jacksonville’s Premiere Prenatal & Postpartum Support for Women

This post is brought to you by the prenatal and postpartum experts at mumda. Giving birth and the oftentimes stressful period of postpartum afterward doesn’t have to be filled with uncertainty, anxiety and sheer terror — especially for first-time moms. Enter the birth specialists at Jacksonville’s mumda: A group of trained women whose mission is […]

UpScale UltraSound

Hello, Baby! UpScale UltraSound Provides a Chance to Connect with Your Little One

This 3D/4D ultrasound review is brought to you by UpScale UltraSound in Ponte Vedra, FL. Confession: While my husband and I are expecting our first child next month, I haven’t necessarily been “hashtag blessed” with oodles of excitement over our upcoming bundle of supposed joy. Don’t get me wrong — at the ripe, geriatric age of 35, […]


Part III: I Feel Like an IVF Failure

This is Part III in a series of blog posts by the author who has chosen to stay anonymous during her fertility journey. Click to read Part I and Part II. I feel like a failure — at IVF, that is. Last time you heard from me, we were anxiously awaiting to find out if any […]


PART I: The IVF Conundrum — Is It Worth It?

I recently turned 40, and of course, I immediately freaked out that my eggs were getting older — perhaps deteriorating even as I write this blog. I was never truly convinced that I wanted a second child – I’m still not 100%. Having one has always been very manageable, especially when I see other families with […]

Guide to Photography

Best Photographers in Jacksonville

This guide is brought to you by our many photography sponsors! Thank you to the photographers that participated in this guide.  As moms, we want to remember the firsts, the “big” moments and the little ones. The smiles (and tears!), laughter and hugs. To help you capture these moments before they pass by, we’ve put together a [...]
Baby #2

The Right Time for Baby #2

Today I was that person. Yes, that person who stealthily walked into the store to purchase a pregnancy test. I was so uncomfortable and felt like all eyes were on me. I even had the cashier tell me, “I hope you get the result you are looking for?!” Well, part of me wanted the test […]