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From Newborns to New Moms: Bay & Bee By the Ages

From Newborns to New Moms: Bay & Bee By the Ages

Thank you to Bay & Bee for sponsoring this post on child-led play. Children can be rather particular tiny humans, and what interests them one day can completely change the next. Whether your mini-me prefers balls over blocks or trains over toy trucks, child-led play (giving children a choice and following their lead in regards to […]


The Light at the End of the Pregnancy Tunnel

I can never talk about the struggles of motherhood or pregnancy without starting out by saying I absolutely love and adore my children. Their precious existence outweighs any hardship this chapter of life may entail. Quite frankly, when I find myself starting to rant on the difficulties of motherhood, I feel somewhat selfish. I chose […]


Bumps, Babies and Brunch: Bloom Event Recap

Bumps, Babies and Brunch oh my! On Saturday, May 20, Jacksonville Moms Blog hosted 100 guests at the beautiful Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa for an event celebrating pregnancy and motherhood. Our guests mix and mingled with other moms, enjoyed a delicious brunch, a little pampering with a braid bar by Cortello Salon and […]


Why Do I Get Crap For Having ‘Only’ One Child?

I get this question a lot — I’m sure many of you do, too. Mainly by strangers, but sometimes by acquaintances who don’t know me well enough. “Do you have other children?” I normally respond with, “No, he’s my only one.” Which is usually followed by the inquisitor to frown or give me some other sympathetic […]