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When Your Kid Won't Play with My Kid

When Your Kid Won’t Play with My Kid

It’s a horrible thing to witness. When your sweet child has enough courage to walk up to another child and say those sweet words — those quintessential childhood words… Do you want to play with me? You hold your breath watching this exchange take place. You have faith that the answer will be a resounding […]

Hands Off Parenting

Why Hands-Off Parenting is the Secret to My Parenting Success

Helicopter parenting is in style right now. Go to the playground, and you’ll see parents walking every cautious step alongside their children, in case they might fall. If kids cry, then we’re often told that we need to comfort them the second the tears start flowing. We’re supposed to provide constant entertainment and interaction with […]

Moms March madness Weetrade

March Madness: WeeTRADE is Back!

My favorite consignment sale is BACK for their Spring sale, March 1-4! Whether you are a veteran like yours truly or if this is your very first consignment sale, these tips below are sure to make your WeeTRADE experience a fun (and profitable) one! Research Items of Interest Are you in the market for a high […]


6 Ways to Switch Up Your Tired Bedtime Story Routine

Once upon a time, there was a mommy who was pulling her hair out… To say I have read Spider-Man: Trapped by the Green Goblin! HUNDREDS of times at bedtime is not an over exaggeration. Other frequent encores include The Little Engine That Could, Good Night Moon (of course), Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, Mighty Machines and By the Light of the Halloween Moon, […]


Surrendering to NO

Sometime post-hurricane, pre-holidays of last year, I realized that I was exhausted. Sure, us moms often function with this day-to-day sleepiness that we all seem to just accept — keep on truckin’, right? (It’s the “season of life” my co-worker friend would say.) But this exhaustion was different. It was a brain fog coupled by […]


Not Everything is a Life Lesson

“Life isn’t fair.” “Being a kid is easy. Wait until you have to deal with adult things.” I would imagine if you walked into any household across America, you’d hear parents uttering one or both of the above statements to the frustrated groans of their children. There’s a reason why sayings like this have lasted the […]


Across Cultural Lines: Raising Proud Multiethnic Children

Michael Crichton said, “If you don’t know history, you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is a part of a tree.” Though the thoughts and experiences I’m about to share are personal, I believe that any American who is not a Native American can relate to the importance of understanding […]


Admit It — You DO Have a Favorite Child

Admit it — you DO have a favorite child. AmIright? It’s ok, you don’t have to tell me which one it is. I don’t need to know. No one needs to know. Hold that secret close, Mama. Is your favorite the oldest? The youngest? The  middle? The girl? The boy? The baby? Is it the one […]