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True Life: I Love My Friend, But I Hate Her Kids

True Life: I Love My Friend, But I Hate Her Kids

Dear Mom Friend, I think you’re amazing. Smart, beautiful… funnier than Conan even. I love hanging out on the front porch with you and sharing a bottle of wine. I don’t mind making a dozen Rachel Ray casseroles to help you out, and I enjoy going out with our mom friends with you, and you make hitting the gym […]

(Don't) Act Your Age

(Don’t) Act Your Age

Have you heard that “40 is the new 30” and “30 is the new 20”? I imagine the phrase refers to us moms doing our best to raise happy and responsible children, making our own positive mark on the world and looking fierce doing it (at least on most days). But does “40 is the […]


I Love You, But I Need You to Love Me, Too

Dear Kids, I promise it’s not you… it’s me. I love you, but I’ve gotta love me, too. Yes, I wrote that. It’s true. As moms, we tend to think of ourselves last, but two years ago, I put my foot down. I need a break, too. For myself, my sanity and my well being. […]

Meet my dream mom car: a golf cart.

Why I Chose a Golf Cart Over a Minivan

Some women love driving around town with a car full of kids running from soccer to ballet in their exteriorly shiny yet interiorly stained-with-food minivan, but I’m just not one of them. In fact, I strategically plan out my weeks as a stay-at-home mom to ensure that I only lug my kids into my SUV  two, sometimes max […]


Your Number Two is My Number One

The following information on ABL is brought to you by Florida Urogynecology. Hi, I’m Lindsay. I’m a Nurse Practitioner in a Urogynecology practice — urogynecologists basically take care of your pelvis, meaning your urinary tract (“uro”) and your lady parts (“gyn”). If you have trouble holding your pee, leak when you jump or run, or if […]