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I Haven’t Spoken To My Husband In 4 Years

I haven’t spoken to my husband in four years. No, we aren’t separated and he hasn’t gone missing.  It’s just that we have toddlers, two of them. Yes, I’m being rather facetious, but I know I am not the only person who feels this way with their spouse. Some days, okay, a lot of days […]

The Secret Sauce in a Successful Marriage

What’s the Secret Sauce in a Successful Marriage?

One of our favorite hobbies as a couple is whipping up some tasty recipes. Anyone who has been in the kitchen knows that some recipes are harder to execute than others, but with trial and error, patience, and practice, I believe any recipe can be perfected in its own way. Sometimes, the secret ingredient is […]

Rings on Bible

Love & Marriage: The State of Our Union

With a new administration in office, some people are likely hopeful about what the future might bring, while others are overwhelmed with feelings ranging from regret to anxiety to fear.  I’ve learned that the lifelong commitment of marriage and parenthood often takes us through a similar range of emotions. One could argue that in both […]

Summer Dates in Jacksonville

Spark up the Heat with Summer Dates

Once you have kids, getting five minutes alone can be a challenge, so going out for a couple hours on a date can sometimes be too much to ask. But don’t let fireworks be the only sparks flying this summer. Summer’s warm weather and longer days combined with Jacksonville’s abundant water and outdoor activities set […]


My Husband Saw Me Naked

Soapy suds ran down my naked body in the shower. I closed my eyes in an attempt at one minute of peace in my whirlwind life as a working mom with two babies. No such luck. “Honey,” my husband yelled as he swung open the bathroom door holding Marjorie. “Did you know the stovetop is […]

father's day sign

Celebrating Father’s Day (When There’s No Dad)

If you’ve read any of my posts for Jacksonville Moms Blog over the past couple of years, then you probably know I’m a card carrying Navy Wife- and that at any given time, my husband is probably somewhere far from home. Our first child, Mac, was born about two weeks before Father’s Day during my husband’s […]


True Life :: I Don’t Have Sex

It’s not that I don’t want to have sex–because I really do. It’s just the person I’m married to does not. I am certain he loves me–he just doesn’t love to make love. No, it hasn’t always been this way. When we started dating, we would have sex a few times a week. Things changed […]


Losing the Ring & Finding Me

When the bubble burst, I could only see the bad that was happening in my life. I no longer had a partner, I was alone, my children were now a part of a broken home, I was a single mom–many negatives of the reality were filling my mind. As things continue to clean up, now […]