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March Madness: WeeTRADE is Back!

My favorite consignment sale is BACK for their Spring sale, March 1-4! Whether you are a veteran like yours truly or if this is your very first consignment sale, these tips below are sure to make your WeeTRADE experience a fun (and profitable) one! Research Items of Interest Are you in the market for a high […]


In Defense of Black Friday

For the past few years, across mainstream and social media, BLACK FRIDAY has been portrayed as literally the opposite of Thanksgiving — a day of rudeness and unkindness that brings out the worst in humanity as hoards of grumpy people push and shove their way to a great deal. We’ve all seen the news reports of people trampling […]


The New Couponing 2.0 :: Saving Money in 2016

TimeHop recently reminded me of a moment in my couponing life when I felt like I was on top of the world–living every couponer’s dream. That dream, my friends, was the brief period when Walmart was honoring Publix BOGOs. Seriously what are you talking about? When you brought in your Publix weekly ad with the Buy […]