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Fall into Great Deals at WeeTRADE

Fall into Great Deals at WeeTRADE

These amazing children’s deals are brought to you by WeeTRADE, North Florida’s Best Children’s Name-Brand Consignment Event.Get excited, because we are just a few weeks away from Jacksonville’s best Name-Brand Children’s Consignment Sale — WeeTRADE! Check out the top five reasons why you do not want to miss this sale: 1. Best price in town for […]

Be Prepared: Homemade Hurricane Hacks

Be Prepared: Easy Homemade Hurricane Hacks

First of all, don’t panic! Okay, go ahead and panic… but after you settle down, put on your game face and get serious about preparing for this hurricane. Most of us know what can happen before, during, and after a major coastal storm, from flooding to power outages. And every time, we learn a few new […]

nightowlHere’s to the Night Owl Mamas

Here’s to the Night Owl Mamas

I’m a mom of two little kids, a pediatric RN, and a self-proclaimed night owl. I used to try and change the fact that I stay up excessively late every single night. I did that because literally no one tells you it’s okay to do otherwise. Well, I am here to let you ladies off […]


Hurricane Season: What You Need to Know

Hurricane season officially begins June 1st and lasts through November. While it is not uncommon for tropical storms to develop before and after these dates, this is the time of year where the warm weather creates prime conditions for storm development. In 2016, Jacksonville saw a particularly active hurricane season with Hurricane Matthew causing severe damage […]