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I Love You, But I Need You to Love Me, Too

Dear Kids, I promise it’s not you… it’s me. I love you, but I’ve gotta love me, too. Yes, I wrote that. It’s true. As moms, we tend to think of ourselves last, but two years ago, I put my foot down. I need a break, too. For myself, my sanity and my well being. […]


Your Number Two is My Number One

The following information on ABL is brought to you by Florida Urogynecology. Hi, I’m Lindsay. I’m a Nurse Practitioner in a Urogynecology practice — urogynecologists basically take care of your pelvis, meaning your urinary tract (“uro”) and your lady parts (“gyn”). If you have trouble holding your pee, leak when you jump or run, or if […]

Wolfson Children's Hospital

Why Growing Bones Need Extra Special Care

This post is brought to you by Wolfson Children’s Hospital.When kids’ bones break, here’s what’s at stake Contrary to what some people think, children aren’t just little adults – especially when it comes to their developing bones. When an adult breaks an arm or leg, the bone simply snaps. In children, bones are more flexible […]


My Family’s Journey with a Mental Health Disorder

I was aware of taking care of my family’s mental health, but like most people, I never had any reason to seek further information; it simply never crossed my mind that I may have to cope with it someday. That changed last year when my family was set on a whirlwind path of confusion and concern […]


The Night Our Son Had a Febrile Seizure

All parents wish their children came with an Operator’s manual. After we had our first child, we felt super confident going into the birth of our second son, Griffin. Within moments of Griffin’s birth, we realized how different each child truly is and that we had absolutely no plan. Watching your child be sick, in […]


Why Every Mom Should Get Their Babies Vaccinated

Each year in April, the CDC partners with health professionals, community leaders, and parents to promote vaccination, improve health of children ages two and under, and encourage greater access to life-saving vaccines through National Infant Immunization Week. Unfortunately, vaccines have become controversial among many parents. This is largely due to a now-discredited report from a doctor who […]