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The *Real* Reason Why I Work Out

The *Real* Reason Why I Work Out

Growing up, I wasn’t really the athletic type. I dabbled in running track in middle school and played one year of high school softball, but it wasn’t really my thing. And that attitude translated into my adult life for sure. After college, I could eat DiGiorno pizza every weekend night for dinner and drink two to […]

McKenzie's Run!

Run into Fall! Fall Races & Fun Runs in Jacksonville

Get ready to race this fall! The weather is perfect for running through cemeteries, getting chased by zombies, and racing in full costume. Below are all the fun runs and races in Jacksonville!   Pumpkin Chase October 1-31 We love Autumn and Halloween!!! And to celebrate the amazing month of October, we are hosting The Great Pumpkin […]

Eating Breakfast: Trust Me, It's Harder Than It Looks

Eating Breakfast: Trust Me, It’s Harder Than It Looks

It is so embarrassing to admit this, but feeding myself breakfast is a real struggle. It’s completely absurd. I feed my children two breakfasts, my husband one, the dog and the fish all get served breakfast before our day gets going. But somehow, something always gets in the way of my eating the food I […]

You're Sexy and I Know It

You’re Sexy and I Know It

Psst… hey, Mama… yeah, you with the tired eyes and the coffee stain on your shirt. See, I’m a single mom — still proudly sporting a toddler on my hip and bed head at school drop off — and I know something you don’t. Fact number one that you need to know is this: You […]