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Whole-y Moley… I Survived a Whole100

In January, I decided to finally make some real changes to my eating habits, and I accepted the challenge to complete a Whole100. I would follow the rules of the Whole30 program for 100 days. While it was extremely challenging at times, I’m glad I did it. I learned about my relationship with food, became a […]

Ideas for baby shower locations in Jacksonville

Best Baby Shower Spots in Jacksonville

People rarely greet baby showers with indifference. These events either fill you with an inexplicable sense of joy or dread. Sometimes mamas-to-be get the extra treat of feeling both at the same time. I have always loved hosting baby showers — the games, the diaper cakes, all the over-the-top baby-themed goodness. Bring it on. Babies, […]


Confessions of a Germophobe

I am that lady you see religiously wiping down the grocery cart. I do not put my tush on public toilets, and I visibly shudder when my kids play with the communal toys in doctors’ offices. Yes, I am a germophobe. I came by this quite honestly, though. When I was 10 years old, my […]

Family Foodie Fare

2nd Annual Family Foodie Fare

Jacksonville Moms Blog, Jacksonville Magazine, and Vicarious Events are thrilled to bring you our 2nd Annual Family Foodie Fare on Sunday, February 26 at Engine 15 Downtown Taproom! We will have some of the top restaurants in Jacksonville competing Top Chef-style for the best adult and kid food pairing. Come enjoy a family day out, sample some […]


Save Time With Walmart’s Easy Online Grocery Pickup

This post is brought to you by Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup service.Grocery shopping can be overwhelming and time consuming, especially if your kids come with you to the store. It’s actually one of the tasks I dread doing since becoming a mom, as it often feels more like a field trip that ends up lasting for several […]


Meal Organization for the New Year

Can you believe 2017 is almost here? (Scary how fast this year went.) A new year to make goals and promises for you and your family is just around the corner. Do you have any in mind yet? One goal I had for 2016 was to up my meal organization game in order to shorten the time spent […]


Party at the Palms: JMB Moms’ Night Out at the Hotel Palms Event Recap

The palms were swaying in the warm beach breeze during the sunset, and then moonlight was suddenly shining down, and we had an AMAZING November evening at our “Party at the Palms” Moms’ Night Out at the Hotel Palms! Presented by Hover Girl Properties, our guests mingled in the private courtyard and beer and wine lounge, relaxed […]


The Cookie Swap: DOs & DON’Ts

Do you ever wish you could have an amazing cookie spread to showcase to family and friends without having to spend the time making dozens of different holiday cookies? Between buying all the ingredients, making the dough, baking the cookies and decorating them, (whew, I’m exhausted just thinking about it) you could have it all […]