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DIY: Easy Homemade Valentines to Remember

Keeping the chaos out of Valentine’s Day can be a challenge! I’ll be honest, it’s not my favorite holiday. Sure, I enjoy it. I LOVE love. The problem is that the love can easily get lost in the candy-drenched, commercialized expectations we put on the day. Pile on tight schedules with multiple classes, parties and group […]


“Boo” Your Neighbor :: A Random Act of Kindness

When we were stationed in Hawaii, we lived in what I will always remember as “the best neighborhood ever.” We lived in military housing and it was a very close-knit community with lots of sweet families. When family would come to visit, they would say it reminded them of a modern-day Mayberry. We moved into […]

Rainy Day Roundup

Rainy Day Activities Roundup

Rain, rain, go away come again another day! Rainy days, especially consecutive days, are no fun with kids stuck inside whining, "I'm bored!" We've rounded up a few different indoor activity and crafting posts to help keep the kiddos busy and kick cabin fever. So break out the crafting supplies and get your Pinterest on! [...]
halloween friends

When Friends Have To Be Family

Holidays in a military family can be something of a Choose Your Own Adventure. Far from family and the comfort of holidays at home, you’re forced to create your own traditions–sometimes with people you barely know. I’m not from a large family myself–one sister, a few cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents scattered throughout Texas and the rest […]

Burlap Wreath

How to Make an EASY Burlap Wreath

Hello, Jax Moms Blog readers. I am so happy to be back here sharing another project with you. This project is so easy, I can not believe this was my first time making one, and it definitely won’t be my last! There are minimal supplies and no sewing, gluing, painting or power tools involved. And […]


Geography Awareness Week: Maps, Apps, & Crafts

November 16-22 is celebrated as Geography Awareness Week, so I wanted to round up a few interactive maps, apps, and crafts to help your family explore more of the wonderful world of geography. My college degree and minor were in Geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS — “map-making”), and I was lucky enough to work […]

Back to School Sign

FREE Printable First Day/Last Day of School Signs 2014-2015!

After a long summer break, the first day the kids go back to school can be a bit crazy. Our FREE first-day-of school signs, custom-made by Katie Palamaro Design, offer a simple and adorable way to capture the moment and start a fun tradition. Well before the first day, follow Kacey’s tips for a smooth start and print out the sign for the correct […]