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Guide to Child Care, Preschools, & Schools in Jacksonville

Disclosure :: We are frequently asked about education programs and recommendations for child care, preschools and schools in the Jacksonville area. We understand that picking a school or child care center that fits your child’s and your family’s needs can be an overwhelming task. Whether you choose private, public, religious affiliation or otherwise – we are thrilled to provide [...]
To My Teenage Daughter: I See You

To My Teenage Daughter: I See You

Believe it or not, the above images were taken on the same day. One depicting my 15-year-old daughter as the little girl I’ve always known. The other a stark reminder that she’s growing up faster than my mind can process. Much like her transition into womanhood, I’m stuck between being the mom I’ve always been […]

Just Say Yes... to a YES Day!

Just Say Yes… to a YES Day!

How often do we as parents find ourselves saying no? Sometimes it comes so naturally to me that I say it before my child has even finished asking the question. This past spring, I found myself saying no more often than I would have liked. It was my busy time of year at the office […]

McKenzie's Run!

Run into Fall! Fall Races & Fun Runs in Jacksonville

Get ready to race this fall! The weather is perfect for running through cemeteries, getting chased by zombies, and racing in full costume. Below are all the fun runs and races in Jacksonville!   Pumpkin Chase October 1-31 We love Autumn and Halloween!!! And to celebrate the amazing month of October, we are hosting The Great Pumpkin […]