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Surrendering to Motherhood

In eight years of being a mom, I never cried “uncle.” Until last summer, in July, when I called my own mother in tears and begged her to come down and help me. I had 6-week-old twins, one of whom never stopped crying. And I was at the lowest point I’d been, ever, as a […]


On the Road with JMB: Jax to Naples

Located about two hours south of Tampa, Naples is a beautiful city on Florida’s west coast. While it can be a solid six-hour drive from Jacksonville, it is definitely worth the trip. Beautiful beaches and plenty of kid-friendly activities make it a fun place to visit for everyone. When to Go Naples has a “season” […]


Learning to Love My Big Family

This is not how I planned my life. And by that I mean — four kids didn’t even occur to me. I grew up as one of three, and that’s what I wanted for my own family. For a few long, dark years, we weren’t even sure we would have a second child. And then […]


I’ll Always Want Another Baby, But I Don’t Want More Kids!

This weekend, I cleaned out my twins’ closet. My son is giant, 20 pounds at eight months, and pretty much skipped straight from six-month clothes to 12-month clothes. I missed a box, stored under the bed, of hand-me-downs that he had already outgrown, and there were things in the closet I knew didn’t fit him anymore. […]


Admit It — You DO Have a Favorite Child

Admit it — you DO have a favorite child. AmIright? It’s ok, you don’t have to tell me which one it is. I don’t need to know. No one needs to know. Hold that secret close, Mama. Is your favorite the oldest? The youngest? The  middle? The girl? The boy? The baby? Is it the one […]


The Mom I Hope My Kids Remember

Now that I am a parent, I often try to remember when I was a kid and what my parents were like with me back then. It might be a “How did they handle that parenting challenge?” or a “I can’t believe I sound like my mother!” and sometimes it’s a “That’s a nice memory.” I […]