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Best Friends & Threesomes Suck: Tales of a Girl Mom!

When my daughters started elementary school, my biggest concern were the academics. Would they struggle with math or hate reading? Would the homework load suck all their free time? Ironically, the thing I worried the least about has turned out to be the issue causing the biggest head and heartache. FRIENDSHIPS. One of the best things the world […]


A Mother’s Voice :: Our Best Weapon Against Violence

I am fed up. I am devasted. I don’t understand why. The world we live in is a dangerous place. What’s unbelievably sad and tragic is I have felt this way time and time before. It happened after the tragedies in Turkey, Orlando, Charleston, Paris, San Bernardino and the list goes on and on. I read […]

BUN Heads

Bun Heads :: Tricks of the Dance Mom Trade

With two daughters, I knew that one day I would soon become a “Dance Mom!”  I mean I’m not a total fish out of the water. Back in the day, I was a tiny dancer but of course I quit before things got too serious. The demands of a 21st-century dance recital are legit. There […]