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A Day in the Life of a Teenage Gamer

A Day in the Life of a Teenage Gamer

As a mother of two tech-savvy teenagers, I’ve had my fair share of experiences in the world of video games. From the Nintendo DS providing entertainment in the backseat, to family tennis on the Wii, to the intense world of Minecraft, and finally, to the more advanced gaming systems of today, I’ve seen it all. […]

Thank You, Wonder Woman

Thank You, Wonder Woman

Growing up, I never missed an episode. In an age where DVR, Netflix, and On Demand didn’t exist, I made sure to be seated right in front of the television as soon as the opening theme music played. Wonder Woman. She was my hero, and I watched her religiously while my mom cooked dinner in […]


Not Everything is a Life Lesson

“Life isn’t fair.” “Being a kid is easy. Wait until you have to deal with adult things.” I would imagine if you walked into any household across America, you’d hear parents uttering one or both of the above statements to the frustrated groans of their children. There’s a reason why sayings like this have lasted the […]


College Bound: What Will I Tell My Daughter vs. My Son?

I woke up Saturday morning wondering if I should be there marching with the millions of women who turned out across the globe. I wondered if I should be counted as one who showed up in solidarity for Women’s Rights and if I should’ve put my 14-year-old daughter on a plane so she could be […]


Am I Getting This Whole ‘Parenting’ Thing Right?

The day we brought our daughter home from the hospital, there was a moment in the late hours of the night where the importance of it all sunk in. As I looked at her through sleepy, love-filled eyes, I wondered aloud, “Will I be good enough?” Flash forward 14 years, and the narrative has changed slightly. […]


The Science Fair Project Exposed

Okay, science teachers, shoot straight with me. Your reasons for assigning science fair projects year after year has nothing to do with science, right? Please tell me you’re getting a kickback from the trifold presentation board companies. I’ll even accept that it’s your one opportunity to stick it to us for the times throughout the […]


Life After Pediatric Cancer

The banner with the #44 surrounded by a yellow ribbon still hangs at the Oakleaf Sports Association baseball complex. It’s faded by the sun but an important reminder that one of our own fought a battle two years ago after being diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. The Breen Family was kind enough to tell me their […]

Forty is not the new thirty

The 40-Year-Old Quitter

I’ve been anticipating forty since the day I turned thirty-nine. It was a milestone in my life where I felt like everything I’d ever wanted to accomplish would be achieved. Forty was where I’d sit back, prop up my feet and say, “Well done. You did it. All of your dreams came true. Congrats and […]


It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right

“I think my husband is a better parent than me.” This statement I made to my friend had nothing to do with how quickly I rushed away from a soccer tournament game to get to the Salt-n-Pepa concert or the top shelf margarita I enjoyed as soon as I arrived. It came from a moment […]