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Weekend Roundup, June 2 – 4

It's the first weekend of June! If you enjoy doughnuts, kick off the weekend with Free Doughnut Day on Friday at participating Krispy Kreme locations. Join Doing Dishes Pottery Studios as they host a Dads and Donuts Painting Event on Saturday. If you want to learn more about different types of trucks and agencies that [...]

My Family’s Journey with a Mental Health Disorder

I was aware of taking care of my family’s mental health, but like most people, I never had any reason to seek further information; it simply never crossed my mind that I may have to cope with it someday. That changed last year when my family was set on a whirlwind path of confusion and concern […]


The All-in-One Home Gym Every Mom Needs

This post is brought to you by Ultimate Workout and Recovery.Constantly being around rambunctious and energetic children remind us that no matter how healthy people are, they can still get hurt or develop an illness. At any time as a mom, we can find ourselves injured and limited from activity and required to stay home, too. Or […]

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School Camps

In just a couple months, students will be on summer break and summer camps will be ready to offer your child fun activities to keep them busy! If you’re specifically looking for vacation bible schools, there are a variety around town to choose from whether you need one for just a day, half days, or […]

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Kid-Friendly Fun: 30+ Indoor Activities

As Florida residents, we all know too well that the unpredictable weather can prevent our kids from going outside. Even though my kids have trunks and closets full of toys, they’ll eventually complain of boredom if they’re indoors too long, especially my older one who loves playing sports. If you prefer to limit your kids’ […]

The Secret Sauce in a Successful Marriage

What’s the Secret Sauce in a Successful Marriage?

One of our favorite hobbies as a couple is whipping up some tasty recipes. Anyone who has been in the kitchen knows that some recipes are harder to execute than others, but with trial and error, patience, and practice, I believe any recipe can be perfected in its own way. Sometimes, the secret ingredient is […]


Make Math Fun with Revolution Math

This educational program review was brought to you by Revolution Math. All opinions are expressly that of the author.Math can be frustrating for many children, something my son is experiencing this school year. He’s never struggled with math before, but as a 3rd grader, he’s more intimidated with the new concepts he’s learning. He doesn’t always […]