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True Life: I Love My Friend, But I Hate Her Kids

True Life: I Love My Friend, But I Hate Her Kids

Dear Mom Friend, I think you’re amazing. Smart, beautiful… funnier than Conan even. I love hanging out on the front porch with you and sharing a bottle of wine. I don’t mind making a dozen Rachel Ray casseroles to help you out, and I enjoy going out with our mom friends with you, and you make hitting the gym […]


Why Do I Get Crap For Having ‘Only’ One Child?

I get this question a lot — I’m sure many of you do, too. Mainly by strangers, but sometimes by acquaintances who don’t know me well enough. “Do you have other children?” I normally respond with, “No, he’s my only one.” Which is usually followed by the inquisitor to frown or give me some other sympathetic […]


It’s True, I Have a Broken Vagina

For as long as I can remember, intercourse has been painful. I barely recall it being enjoyable in my 20s, but for the most part, it has hurt me more than it has pleasured me. Let me explain. I have been plagued with intolerable menstrual cramps, abdominal pain and heavy periods since my teens. Irritable […]


Part III: I Feel Like an IVF Failure

This is Part III in a series of blog posts by the author who has chosen to stay anonymous during her fertility journey. Click to read Part I and Part II. I feel like a failure — at IVF, that is. Last time you heard from me, we were anxiously awaiting to find out if any […]


PART I: The IVF Conundrum — Is It Worth It?

I recently turned 40, and of course, I immediately freaked out that my eggs were getting older — perhaps deteriorating even as I write this blog. I was never truly convinced that I wanted a second child – I’m still not 100%. Having one has always been very manageable, especially when I see other families with […]

Mommy Dearest

Turning Into Mommy Dearest

“I will never lose my temper and yell and curse at my child.” “I will never throw things out of rage in front of my child.” “I will never hit my child.” No Wire Hangers! Remember that movie? Mommie Dearest was truly frightening… probably the first time you saw real, raw, bad parenting. Mommy Dearest was insane. She […]