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3662 Crown Point Road, Jacksonville, FL, United States

Family Music & Movement classes incorporate songs with movement and various hand held instruments. Classes are mixed-age but geared to 0-2 yrs old.
One mom says:
“My daughter has been attending Ms. Emily’s Music and Movement Class since she was 4 months old. Now, at almost 9 months old, she is able to choose her own instrument, laugh and dance to the music, and is even becoming familiar with the order of events in the class. I’m amazed! The older children always love to “help” the younger ones, and Ms. Emily is great about keeping the class moving along with lots of fun. We always look forward to our Wednesday mornings!”

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Awesome music class!
  • Stacy McLeod reviewed 1 year ago
  • last edited 10 months ago

Mrs. Emily’s music class is awesome! She is full of enthusiasm and it’s evident she loves what she does.This was a great first experience for my son and me in a music class. The class was great, not just for my son’s socialization and getting used to new people, but also for the music exposure of rhythms, instruments of various kinds, and a structured routine. The structure of the class is great, as the varied activities keep the children’s interest. From selecting instruments during free time to parachute/ball play to turn taking during songs, the class flows smoothly and is over before you know it. It’s a lot of fun!

I really enjoyed watching my son’s excitement during class and loved seeing the progress he made as he got used to the routine and what was expected. He now owns his own set of shaky eggs which he will shake to Emily’s cd (received at the first class) and to videos of himself from class. He hates the car, but will listen happily to the cd as he pats his legs to the beat. Overall, a really fun experience and great introduction to music for any age child.

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  • Cathleen McCarroll reviewed 1 year ago
  • last edited 1 year ago

Emily did a great job! The kids had such a great time! I highly recommend her for any events.

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Great Music Class
  • Christine reviewed 1 year ago
  • last edited 1 year ago

We have really enjoyed Music Class. My 1 and 3 year old have enjoyed learning new songs and meeting new friends. My 4 month old, who has been going since he was 1 month old, really enjoys the music. Ms. Emily does a great job; she is energetic, fun, and always greets you with a smile. She does a great job being kind, but firm to my little boundary pushers. We highly recommend this class to anyone with little ones, especially those with infant and toddler siblings.

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My son loved it
  • Lauren S reviewed 1 year ago
  • last edited 1 year ago

I participated in this class with my son when he was 1 and a half to 2 and a half. He absolutely loved it and looked forward to it each week! He and I both loved how much structure the class had. We always knew what to expect in class and my son did great with having a routine in class. Ms. Emily is very enthusiastic and a great teacher!

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Love this class!
  • Lauren Rickoff reviewed 1 year ago
  • last edited 1 year ago

My daughter started this class at four months old and it’s amazing how much she has grown with it! She loves playing the instruments, singing and interacting with the other children. I was blown away when over a year after starting the class, she started doing the welcome song on her own. All of the fantastic songs have really sunk in and she can actively participate now. I highly recommend this class as a great mommy and me experience!

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