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FREE Printable First-Day-of-School Signs 2014!

After a long summer break, the first day the kids go back to school can be a bit crazy. Our FREE first-day-of school signs, custom-made by Katie Palamaro Design, offer a simple and adorable way to capture the moment and start a fun tradition. Well before the first day, follow Kacey’s tips for a smooth start and print out the sign for the correct […]


Why You Need A Water Table (and 10 fun things to do with it)

For my son’s first Christmas Santa brought him a sand & water table. Little did I know, that Santa guy is a genius. Rarely a week goes by when the sand & water table doesn’t get used. Obviously, water is a main attraction for the table. Little kids love water. As a mom, I love […]


JMB Park Hop Week 9 :: Going Going Green

Join Jax Moms Blog and Community First as we continue a fun summer with Park Hopping play dates. We are going…. going….going…. green at Jarboe Park at 10:00 am on Saturday, August 3rd. We will enjoy planting some seeds with a recycling craft, learning how to make a fun healthy snack, and climbing on the fun playground and […]


The Global BIG Latch On

World Breast Feeding Week is being held August 1st-7th,2014. The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action is celebrating 22 years of promoting breastfeeding and support for mothers. This is a global effort to normalize and educate people about the benefits of breastfeeding. Did You Know That… World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six […]


Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery

There is a lot of literature on the subject of breastfeeding after all types of breast surgery (breast reduction, augmentation, and breast lift). Breastfeeding after breast surgery is possible. It is difficult to assess how well a women will breastfeed after surgery if she is a first time mom. Regardless of whether or not breast […]

Park Hop Losco

JMB Park Hop Week 8 :: Boom Boom Pow!

Join Jax Moms Blog and Community First as we continue a fun summer with Park Hopping play dates. A “booming” good time will be had by all of our little scientists at Losco Regional Park at 10:00 am on Tuesday,  July 29th. We will enjoy a science show with Boom Science, climb on the fun playground,  and cool off with an […]


Wolfson Children’s Hospital: Experts in Imaging Gently for Kids of All Sizes

Because kids and accidents seem to go together, chances are pretty good that your child will need an X-ray at some time during childhood. Some kids may even require a more advanced test like a CT (computed tomography) scan or an MRI. While these tests can be used to diagnose the most serious illnesses and injuries in children, […]