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Tips for Managing Your Child’s Allergies

It seems we’re hearing more frequent conversations about kids’ allergies these days. It’s a big topic, ranging from life-threatening food allergies to occasional, minor irritations from seasonal allergens. Most kids probably fall somewhere in between, with reactions to common sources of allergens that can be found right in our homes. We’re fortunate to live in […]

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup, Weekend of October 31 – November 2

If you haven’t been celebrating Halloween all week long (or all month long for that matter) this weekend is the time to get in some frightful fun before the First Coast prepares for the holiday season. And what a weekend it will be! From pumpkin patches to monster pre-school gymnastics parties at TNT to not […]

Binge Watching

My Binge Watching Basics

We watched the episodes pile up on our DVR. At first it was only one or two but as it hit five, six, and then seven, frustration levels reached epic proportions. Why had Netflix not released season 6 of Sons of Anarchy? We needed season 6, so that the 7th and final season could be […]

Easy Halloween Treatsfin

10 Super Easy Halloween Snacks

As room mom for my son’s Kindergarten class, I am in charge of organizing the Halloween party fall centers in his classroom. Due to allergies and anal moms nutritionally conscious parents, I am having to come up with a list of treats that get the kids excited, but not send them into a sugar coma. Here is a list […]

Halloween Crafts For Kids Jax Moms Blog

Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween is right around the corner and that means it’s time for a few Halloween themed crafts for the kids. Here are a few of my favorite EASY crafts that can be made mostly with stuff from around the house. Paper Shape Pumpkin Supplies: Construction Paper, Glue, Scissors Directions: Draw out shapes for your child […]

The Bullying Epidemic

The Role Adults Play In The Bullying Epidemic

  There is a great deal of talk about bullying these days. And there should be. It is a major problem. According to leading bullying expert Dr. Michele Borba, one in three kids in the US is a being bullied. Including 20% of all five year olds, the current age of my daughter. She was […]

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup, Weekend of October 24 – October 26

Things are getting spookier this weekend on the First Coast with more Halloween mazes, trick-or-treating, fright fests, zombie chases, and fall festivals. In addition to the Halloween-themed activities, families can enjoy a night at the theater with Annie at the Times Union Center as well as Breast Cancer walks, art and farmer’s markets and more. You can […]

Why Moms Should Vote

Why Moms Should Vote

Ugh. Politics. Why bother, right? Voter apathy is at an all time high for this election and who can blame us? Congress is broken, politicians are constantly being outed for their faults, and the Koch brothers are just going to buy who they want anyway, right? It is tough to feel like your vote will […]

Halloween Treats

A Few Tricks for Your Halloween Treats

With Halloween just around the corner, you can smell the sweets in air. I’m sure your kids are already practicing their “trick or treats” in hopes of getting something good to eat. I know my daughter, Avery, is! I have been on the search for some tasty, fun, not-so-spooky Halloween treats for our little gal’s […]