Signs You May Need a Relationship Check-Up

When you sneeze your body is giving you a sign of some sort of trouble. Allergy? Flu? Fluke? If you then get a fever and your throat hurts you know to take medication or go to the doctor. It is concrete. There is no guessing. It seems harder to recognize when a marriage is sick. […]

Ogden School

The Ogburn School :: Homeschool Success

Brought to you by The Ogburn School. It’s overwhelming how many choices there are when deciding how to educate your child. Public schools, private schools, online, homeschool… lots of great options, but which is the best for your child? The Ogburn School, a regionally, nationally, and internationally accredited private school offers one of the most […]


JMB Summer Park Hop :: Riverside Park

Join us on Tuesday, July 28th from 9-11am at Riverside Park. Located in the heart of Riverside this park has a playground and 2 lakes with plenty of ducks. We’re excited to welcome Soluna Yoga + Spa for some fun, kid friendly yoga, GuanaBana artisan ice pops with cool treats available for purchase, Kinder Color Designs will be providing […]


Mom, Why Are You So Mad?

  Mom, why are you so mad? Those few words coming out of the mouth of my tiny little girl who just turned three; heartbreaking. I wasn’t even “mad.” It was just another day. She was sitting on the potty and I had gone in to pick up the toy she dropped, for the third […]

Thank you for braving weekday mornings at Adventure Island with me.

Dear Friends: Thank You For Keeping Your Mompinions Quiet

Dear Friends, I am a lucky gal. After 13 months of Mommyhood (Seriously? Is that it?), I can honestly say I’ve found my Wolfpack here in Jacksonville. (Thank you,  Junior League of Jacksonville, JMB Neighborhood Groups– even the local forum on the What To Expect When You’re Expecting app) Not only will you hit up story time at the Murray […]


Calling All Angels

If you ask my four year old, “What does your Mommy do?”… she will gladly tell you her mommy works ‘with the angels.’ Yes, I surely do. Let me take you inside Jacksonville’s little slice of heaven for children and adults with disabilities. Former Jacksonville TV news anchor Sally Fox started Angelwood in 1993 for […]


JMB Summer Park Hop :: Crystal Springs

Join us on Wednesday, July 22th from 9-11am at Crystal Springs Park. Crystal Springs Park is located on the Westside of Jacksonville. It has a toddler friendly playground, lots of nature trails and a pond that is stocked with fish. Bold City Pops will be there with cool treats available for purchase and the first 50 kids to […]