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College Bound: What Will I Tell My Daughter vs. My Son?

I woke up Saturday morning wondering if I should be there marching with the millions of women who turned out across the globe. I wondered if I should be counted as one who showed up in solidarity for Women’s Rights and if I should’ve put my 14-year-old daughter on a plane so she could be […]


My No. 1 Skincare Secret for a More Youthful Complexion

I turned 45 a couple of weeks ago — New Year’s Eve to be exact. It was wonderful! I didn’t dread officially becoming “mid 40s” in the least. I also looked forward to and loved celebrating my 40th birthday. It’s a strange, quiet confidence that has accompanied being in my 40s. I don’t mind sharing my […]


A Real-Life Lesson in Problem-Solving YOU Weren’t Taught

I was  recently  walking through Trader Joe’s with my 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son when I had a “moment.” You know what I’m talking about — the “moment” you question your sanity for becoming a parent. You question the sleepless nights. The tears, the meltdowns and drama. You question all the messy madness. But then, in that quiet […]


Please Don’t Touch Me

Do you ever run into someone you haven’t seen in a while — let’s say at the grocery store, for example. You awkwardly see them and make eye contact. They see you as well. They slowly approach. This is where I freeze. I am paralyzed with fear. Is this person going to try and hug […]

UpScale UltraSound

Hello, Baby! UpScale UltraSound Provides a Chance to Connect with Your Little One

This 3D/4D ultrasound review is brought to you by UpScale UltraSound in Ponte Vedra, FL. Confession: While my husband and I are expecting our first child next month, I haven’t necessarily been “hashtag blessed” with oodles of excitement over our upcoming bundle of supposed joy. Don’t get me wrong — at the ripe, geriatric age of 35, […]

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup, January 20 – 22

It’s another promising weekend of fun here in Jacksonville! Sit back and enjoy the Ringling Brothers Circus Xtreme. Saturday is packed with events from Safe Kids Saturday to the 2017 School Choice Expo and the 1st Annual Taste of San Marco. If family fitness is part of your New Year’s resolutions, join the RAM Family [...]

Am I Getting This Whole ‘Parenting’ Thing Right?

The day we brought our daughter home from the hospital, there was a moment in the late hours of the night where the importance of it all sunk in. As I looked at her through sleepy, love-filled eyes, I wondered aloud, “Will I be good enough?” Flash forward 14 years, and the narrative has changed slightly. […]