The Bullying Epidemic

The Role Adults Play In The Bullying Epidemic

  There is a great deal of talk about bullying these days. And there should be. It is a major problem. According to leading bullying expert Dr. Michele Borba, one in three kids in the US is a being bullied. Including 20% of all five year olds, the current age of my daughter. She was […]

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup, Weekend of October 24 – October 26

Things are getting spookier this weekend on the First Coast with more Halloween mazes, trick-or-treating, fright fests, zombie chases, and fall festivals. In addition to the Halloween-themed activities, families can enjoy a night at the theater with Annie at the Times Union Center as well as Breast Cancer walks, art and farmer’s markets and more. You can […]

Why Moms Should Vote

Why Moms Should Vote

Ugh. Politics. Why bother, right? Voter apathy is at an all time high for this election and who can blame us? Congress is broken, politicians are constantly being outed for their faults, and the Koch brothers are just going to buy who they want anyway, right? It is tough to feel like your vote will […]

Halloween Treats

A Few Tricks for Your Halloween Treats

With Halloween just around the corner, you can smell the sweets in air. I’m sure your kids are already practicing their “trick or treats” in hopes of getting something good to eat. I know my daughter, Avery, is! I have been on the search for some tasty, fun, not-so-spooky Halloween treats for our little gal’s […]

Room Sharing Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep for Babies

As childbirth educators, one thing we’ve realized is that expectant couples eagerly preparing for the birth of a baby have a lot on their minds! They take classes to prepare for labor, breastfeeding classes, and even classes to learn how to diaper, swaddle, and bathe their newborns. With all of the information available these days […]

Beauclerc/Mill Road

My Top Five Favorite Running Destinations in Jacksonville

It’s that time of year again! Time to get off the treadmills, skip the gym and get outdoors to run and enjoy the cooling fall temps. Fortunately for us, Jacksonville is a city of many different scenic landscapes, from the St. John’s River to the beautiful Atlantic Coast, so you will never get bored on […]


The Simple Act That Saved My Marriage

I know you have heard the story (and statistics) before. Married at 25, daughter at 29 and a son at 31. That’s my story. I’m sure it sounds common. But there is a dirty little secret that married couples of small children rarely share with those couples just starting down the path of married family […]

Halloween Doors & More

Halloween Doors & More – Meet Carly {Giveaway}

All children deserve the full measure of childhood—happiness and hope …and that’s the focus of our nationally acclaimed Community PedsCare® program, the pediatric care program of Community Hospice of Northeast Florida. We focus on helping young patients from birth to 21 years of age who live with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. By helping these children […]

Jax Stroller Strength

Back to Pre-Baby Body: What Not To Do!

They say everything changes once you have a baby. This maybe the understatement of the century. Carrying and birthing babies do change a woman’s body period. I’m not here to hem and haw about the injustices of pregnancy or what may or may not ever be the same. Let’s change that all to familiar tune to something […]

Sky Top Orchard

Road Trip :: Sky Top Orchard in North Carolina

Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock, NC has been a tradition for my little family since 2008. Spend a day at this gorgeous orchard and you’ll get to pick apples, go on tractor rides, feed goats, sheep, and ducks, drink hot (or cold) apple cider, meander through a bamboo nature trail, and eat HOT apple […]