Y Summer Camp 3

Discover the World Through YMCA’s Super Summer Adventure Camp

Brought to you by First Coast YMCA Youth development entails opportunities and resources that help kids grow into healthy adolescents and adults. At YMCA of Florida’s First Coast, youth development also represents adventure, cultural diversity, and exploration. If you’re looking for summer activities for your kids to experience all the above without traveling far, look no […]


Helping Those Who Serve :: Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Even if you have only lived in Jacksonville for a couple of months, you will likely notice a strong military presence here in North Florida. The Jacksonville area is home to three Naval bases, including Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Naval Station Mayport and Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. The military bases bring over 50,000 active […]

Mommy Dearest

Turning Into Mommy Dearest

“I will never lose my temper and yell and curse at my child.” “I will never throw things out of rage in front of my child.” “I will never hit my child.” No Wire Hangers! Remember that movie? Mommie Dearest was truly frightening… probably the first time you saw real, raw, bad parenting. Mommy Dearest was insane. She […]


Earth Day B-I-N-G-O

Earth day always brings out the crunchy mama side to my personality. I love sustainable living and make a serious effort to make earth healthy choices every day. But modern life and crazy schedules can get in the way of my crunchy expectations. Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate our daily impact on […]


Surrendering to “YES”!

My name is Jeanine, and I’m a recovering “No-aholic.” My husband might disagree, but besides sweets and “New With Tags” deals, not many things get me stuck. Like countless other moms, I’m constantly trying to achieve that perfect balance between a busy career, a happy marriage, healthy eating & exercise, maintaining a clean home, and […]