Magnet By Choice

Magnet By Choice

It was February 2011. I had done everything right–toured the school, received the principal’s signature on my applications, and submitted the applications on time. I put all my eggs in one basket and selected only one school on my applications, and I even hand-delivered my application to the Duval County School Board. And I was […]

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup, Weekend of February 12 – February 14

It’s Valentine’s Day Weekend! Most school Valentine’s Day parties will be held on Friday this year, which means you’re probably in the midst of helping make Valentine’s Day cards/crafts and finishing off the rest of the chocolate hearts you didn’t want your kids to eat (no judging here). Because Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday you’ll still have […]

Power Pilates Plus

Power Pilates Plus :: Perfect for Mom

Before last month, I had never attended a Pilates class. Honestly, I thought that it would be too easy of a workout, and I wouldn’t get much out of it. Maybe some good core work, but that’s it. How much variety could they possibly offer on those reformer boards? Well, after attending my first Power […]

Crock Pot Meals

Crock Pot Meals :: Simplifying your Evening Routine

Are you that mom that has no idea what to make for dinner? Or that mom that works until 5:30 every night and the last thing you want to think about is prepping a meal, cooking it and then doing dishes? Or are you at stay at home mom that has her hands full during […]

Spring Break

The JMB Guide To Spring Break Camps :: 2016 Edition!

Even though I feel like I’m still finding random scraps of red and green wrapping paper in corners of my house, people keep insisting that it’s actually almost Spring Break. That’s a problem for me because my toddler’s school breaks for ten long, terrifying days less than two weeks after my husband deploys- and less than a […]


Are You a Selfish Mom?

During all the excitement of the New Year, it was inspiring to hear other moms proclaim “Me” as their word to embrace. Their goal was to focus on themselves instead of putting their needs and happiness last. The concern was brought up, however, that this word translated to “selfish.” If you are afraid to appear […]


True Life :: I Can’t Carry Your Baby

I have two healthy kids and had two totally normal pregnancies. Besides the normal heartburn, morning/all day sickness, I’d say they were pretty easy. No complications at all and were both 41 weeks. I knew we were done having kids after our second was born. My husband and I had lots of conversations about it. […]

Just Say No To Candy

Just Say No To Candy :: Non-Food Valentines for Kids

Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday. I enjoy the bubbly fun Valentine’s Day brings; but the candy coated rush to get valentines ready for every friend, classmate, teacher, and tutor we have makes me dizzy. I know it seems like the best idea to head to your favorite shopping mart and have your little […]


The Ultimate Guide to Strawberry U-Pick Farms in North Florida

Strawberry season is right around the corner here in North Florida. Typically the farms open at the end of March and stay open through April, but weather conditions and the amount of rainfall we received during the year can always impact exactly when the crops will be ready. Many of the farms are located just […]