Finding the Courage to Homeschool

Finding the Courage to Homeschool

It was last spring… we were snacking at a picnic table, shrouded from the afternoon sun by the shade of a large oak tree. Afternoon soccer practice would start soon. Kids were playing on the playground at a distance. His little sister was napping in the car 10 feet away. Other than a few lazy […]

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup, Weekend of September 4 – September 7

This weekend is the unofficial end to summer and what a summer it has been! Jacksonville is sending you off into fall with one final weekend full of baseball games, story times, IMAX movies, fun runs, museum visits and more. For a complete list of this week and weekend’s events visit our calendar. Friday, September 4 Star Wars Force Friday […]

Halloween Guide 2015

Ultimate Guide to Halloween and Fall Fun in Jacksonville 2015

It’s coming. Fall in Jacksonville. The season doesn’t officially start until September 22 but the moment September hits stores break out the fall decor and Halloween costumes, Starbucks begins brewing Pumpkin Spice Lattes (I hear it’s Sept. 8 this year) and we begin to wish for a break in the weather. Because Jacksonville offers so many Fall Festivals […]


Why Big Kids Are The Best

No longer a toddler or needy little kid and not yet an eye rolling teenager, the big kid phase is what I call the parenting sweet spot. Now don’t get me wrong, a squishy newborn is delightful in so many ways… inhale deeply… but there are few things that beat the independence and adoration that […]

Kids Together Against Cancer

How Do I Tell My Child That I Have Cancer?

Cancer. It is a scary word. No parent wants to face cancer, especially when raising children. When a mom or dad is diagnosed with cancer they are faced with many difficult decisions and questions. What treatment do I choose? Where should I get treated? How much will this cost? Will I survive? One of the […]

YMCA After School

After School Programs :: An Opportunity for Youth Development

Brought to you by the YMCA of Florida’s First Coast Children and teens still need opportunities to learn and engage in meaningful activities even after the school day comes to an end. Extracurricular successes can have a positive effect on their academic success. Studies show participation in afterschool programs helps boost school attendance and academic […]