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I’ll Always Want Another Baby, But I Don’t Want More Kids!

This weekend, I cleaned out my twins’ closet. My son is giant, 20 pounds at eight months, and pretty much skipped straight from six-month clothes to 12-month clothes. I missed a box, stored under the bed, of hand-me-downs that he had already outgrown, and there were things in the closet I knew didn’t fit him anymore. […]

Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup, March 24 – 26

It's the first weekend of spring! Celebrate the new spring season with indoor and outdoor happenings all around town. Check out the Jacksonville Public Library’s inaugural Jax Book Fest featuring children’s authors and illustrators along with other fun activities. Celestial Farms invites families to hit the outdoors and camp together this Friday through Saturday. If [...]

#WDSD17: Myths and Truths About Down Syndrome

I’m a mom in her thirties, and in the time I’ve been alive, incredible advancements have been made for people with Down syndrome. When I was born, in the 1980s, people with Down syndrome had a life expectancy of around 28 years old. When I was going to school, I never once encountered a single […]

pageant mom

365 Days in the Life of a Pageant Mom

Please don’t think that this is all about tiaras, sashes, spray tans, big dresses, bigger hair, 5” heels, bling jewelry and a mom who’s living out her beauty-queen dreams through her daughter. My daughter has never competed in a pageant and is more interested in catching lizards, playing in the dirt (lovely) and riding her […]


Confessions of a Germophobe

I am that lady you see religiously wiping down the grocery cart. I do not put my tush on public toilets, and I visibly shudder when my kids play with the communal toys in doctors’ offices. Yes, I am a germophobe. I came by this quite honestly, though. When I was 10 years old, my […]