Guide to Jax Summer Camps

The Mom’s Guide to Growing a Green Family {with free printable charts}

Happy Earth Day Jacksonville Moms!! It recently occurred to me that the way we maintain (or not) the health of our planet has so many parallels with how we maintain our bodies and the resulting outcome. My son is beginning to have greater awareness of how what we eat affects our health. He recently said to me “Mommy… […]

Tri Swim Finish

“Tri”ing Something New: Florida’s Summer Sport

When you hear the word triathlete you probably think of the elite athletes that train for hours every day, endure miles of running, swim in the open ocean and own those really expensive bikes. Well, you’re right. Triathlons are an extreme sport for the super fit endurance athlete but they can also be for the beginner […]


Join us for the #CMBNFavThings Twitter Party for a chance to win our favorite things!

Awesome brands. Loads of giveaways. Lots of chitchat. A Moms Night Out from the comfort of your couch. Do we have your attention yet?! You’re invited to join City Moms Blog Network and our 35+ Sister Sites for a fun Twitter party where we’ll chat about 20+ of our network’s favorite products. After hearing about each of the products, […]

Naturally Smart

Smart People Eat Dessert {Naturally Smart Review and Giveaway}

Dessert might as well be my middle name. I know, I know. I am a fitness instructor so people have their doubts about my sweet tooth, but those that know me well can vouch it is legit. I will admit that when I indulge, I try to find something with nutritional value…like eating a handful […]

Classroom Differentiation

My Child’s Teacher Doesn’t “Get” My Gifted Student

The biggest misconception about gifted children is that they are always a joy to teach and are typically successful in the classroom. This is untrue. Gifted children can be obstinate, confusing, too emotional, too energetic, and too talkative. They oftentimes do not find success in the classroom because of boredom, lack of follow through, slow […]