JMB Charity Spotlight :: BEAM

From its humble beginnings in 1985, The Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry (BEAM) has been helping families get through tough times they might not be able to navigate on their own. BEAM’s mission is to prevent homelessness when families hit a financial speed bump. They offer food assistance, as well as rent & utility help when […]

weekend roundup

Weekend Roundup: Weekend of May 27 – May 30, Memorial Day Weekend!

This Memorial Day we remember the fallen soldiers who served in the country’s armed forces with special events and observances. All weekend long families can enjoy specials at some of the city’s most popular attractions like the Jacksonville Zoo and Adventure Landing. Meanwhile, Skate Station Funworks will honor all military with Military Appreciation Night. There are […]


From Infants to Teens – Local Pediatrician Dr. Ashraf Affan Answers Your Questions Step by Step!

Brought to you by Angel Kids Pediatrics. From infants to teens, Dr. Ashraf Affan, Founder and Medical Director of Angel Kids Pediatrics answers common questions from parents. INFANTS How do I know if my son is getting enough to eat? I am breastfeeding, and he wants to eat about every two hours. Is this normal? Dr. Affan: Newborns […]


The Truth About Lice

Brought to you by Nemours CareConnect Jacksonville is no stranger to super lice—a Jax mom’s worst nightmare. Thanks to Nemours for helping us understand what we need to keep an eye out for and more importantly, how to prevent lice from invading your home. Think your child has lice? Contact a Nemours physician virtually through CareConnect. […]

JMB brow post-2

All About the Brows

I know what you’re thinking, ANOTHER BEAUTY tutorial talking about all these products that I have to use to make up myself look somewhat presentable..blah….blah…blah. If you’ve watched any celebrity programs or even scrolled through Youtube and Instagram, you’ll see that brows are still everywhere. Unfortunately, we don’t all have a glam squad to do […]


Being A Soccer Mom Isn’t So Bad

Yes, sometimes it’s crazy. Some days I get in the car and don’t know which way I am going. I’m pretty sure we’ve shown up at the wrong field at least once in our lifetime so far! In the morning bags are packed with shin guards, a soccer uniform, and cleats ready to pick up from one […]


Mom’s Dirty Little Secret

As a work-from-home-and-also-the-office-a-few-days-a-week Mom (or WFHAATOAFDAW Mom), I am always looking for shortcuts to my morning beauty routine. Each day is so different for the kids and me, that half the time I don’t know what day it really is. In fact now that I think of it, most my Mom friends have multiple jobs […]


Coping with Goodbyes :: When Your Kid’s Friends Move Away

The daily parenting struggles people often think about are things like keeping your child safe, feeding him healthy food, or getting him to stay in bed. But there are those times parenting calls for figuring out how to navigate the not-so-black-and-white situations. A few weeks ago, my son told me that one of his good […]