From Newborns to New Moms: Bay & Bee By the Ages

From Newborns to New Moms: Bay & Bee By the Ages

Thank you to Bay & Bee for sponsoring this post on child-led play. Children can be rather particular tiny humans, and what interests them one day can completely change the next. Whether your mini-me prefers balls over blocks or trains over toy trucks, child-led play (giving children a choice and following their lead in regards to […]

Why We'll Never Fry a Turkey Again

Why We’ll Never Fry a Turkey Again

Ahhh, Thanksgiving…  a time of food, family, fun, and frazzled-mom freak-outs. Ladies, I don’t even cook, but with two kiddos under the age of 3, I’m more and more stressed each year. The planning, the prepping, the menu-creating, the hangovers, the cleanup, the home equity loan you have to take out in order to afford […]

weekend roundup fall(1)

Weekend Roundup, November 17-19

It’s going to be another fun weekend in Jacksonville! Join us for our Jax Moms Blog Neighborhood Playdate at Pablo Creek Library on Friday. Take the family to see the beautiful Budweiser Clydesdale who will be in town until next weekend. On Saturday, get some holiday shopping done at the Jacksonville Holiday Market or at […]

Joyfully Saying 'No' to Holiday Celebrations

Joyfully Saying ‘No’ to Holiday Celebrations

Hi. I’m Candace, and my family doesn’t celebrate conventional holidays. That’s right. Our family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, etc. Of course, we have religious reasons behind why we don’t celebrate, but I’m not writing this to talk about those reasons. I’m writing this because I’ve witnessed way too many negative posts […]


Guide to Child Care, Preschools, & Schools in Jacksonville

Disclosure :: We are frequently asked about education programs and recommendations for child care, preschools and schools in the Jacksonville area. We understand that picking a school or child care center that fits your child’s and your family’s needs can be an overwhelming task. Whether you choose private, public, religious affiliation or otherwise – we are thrilled to provide [...]
We Can Disagree... Respectfully

We Can Disagree… Respectfully

There are certain trends I can get behind. Accepting leggings as pants? Yes, please! Binge watching TV shows? Um, is there a better way to watch television? The trend I’m noticing lately, however, is not one I can get behind. It’s the idea that something can only be accepted as true if it’s wrapped up […]